Reflections on AI

I'm documenting my experiences learning about AI, covering the subject as comprehensively as possible. So far, I've been reading papers, listening to interviews, and writing summaries, both to reinforce my own learning and to share. Over time I intend to shift my focus to balance continuing to learn and offering my own thoughts, proposing ideas, and hopefully contributing to practical solutions however I can.

I am keeping track of books, papers, articles, interviews, and other things I discover as I go here.


Explaining AI Terms the Feynman Way, Part 1 Apr 24, 2023
Three Approaches to AI Safety Apr 17, 2023


Superintelligence Nick Bostrom May 7, 2024
Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification Andrew Ng Sep 13, 2023
Attention is All You Need Google May 27, 2023
Moore's Law for Everything Sam Altman May 23, 2023
AGI Ruin Eliezer Yudkowsky May 21, 2023
FLI interview with Connor Leahy May 6, 2023
Bankless Interview with Paul Christiano May 2, 2023
AI Alignment Is Turning from Alchemy Into Chemistry Alexey Guzey May 1, 2023
Lex Fridman interview with Yann LeCun Apr 30, 2023
The Basic AI Drives Steve Omohundro Apr 29, 2023
The Superintelligent Will Nick Bostrom Apr 29, 2023
Lex Fridman interview with Max Tegmark Apr 20, 2023
On AutoGPT Zvi Mowshowitz Apr 16, 2023
Ezra Klein interview with Sam Altman Apr 15, 2023
Eight Things to Know about Large Language Models Sam Bowman Apr 12, 2023
Our approach to AI safety OpenAI Apr 7, 2023
Lex Fridman interview with Eliezer Yudkowsky Apr 5, 2023
Lex Fridman interview with Sam Altman Mar 29, 2023
Kara Swisher interview with Sam Altman Mar 27, 2023